KONA is a completely new crypto currency project. Our developers wanted to create a new cryptocurrency ecosystem and KONA  is the first phase!

Distribution Phase: In this phase we utilize a fair distribution - evenly divided between Masternodes and miners.. Only one million KONA will be minted. KONA is a highly energy efficient proof-of-work cryptocurrency. KONA is based on the XEVAN hashing algorithm, which is asic and Nicehash resistant. We've also implemented the ZERO coin protocol for anonymization to protect coin holders identity, and Hybrid-Masternodes to insure security. Hybrid-Masternodes contribute to the fact that KONA is worth investing in as quickly as possible. Block times are sixty seconds, with one coin minted per block. 50% reward to the Masternode owner and 50% to the miner. KONA halves at block 75,000 with .25 for the Masternode and .25 to the miner. Halving will extend life of KONA and increase its market value.

During this first phase we are testing technological innovations and designing a new energy efficient electronic payment platform based on Internet-of-Things (IoT), in addition to mobile devices. The main feature of this new cryptocurrency is Tangle, a directed acyclic graph (DAG) for storing transactions. The Tangle naturally succeeds the blockchain as its next evolutionary step, and offers features that are required to establish a machine-to-machine micropayment system. It will be the first ecosystem of this type in the world, whose coins were fairly distributed.

At the end of the distribution phase, all 1 million coins generated on will be replaced to coins from the new Tangle platform. It will be first of world not mineable energy saving, electronic payments system fairly distributed.


  • KONACOIN Roadmap
    Q2 2018

    KONA Core released

    Blockchain explorer released.

    Stress test on MainNet.

    KONA on mining pools.


    Blockhain work very stable.


    Road map release.

  • KONACOIN Xevan
    Q2 - Q3 2018

    Social media, and promotions.

    exchanges listing.

    Website Release.

  • KonaCoin White Paper release
    Q3 2018

    White Paper release.

    Web wallet release.

    Mobile wallets release.

  • KonaCoin developers
    Q4 2018, and next

    Our developers works on new revolution platform not mineable digital currency, works on IoT, and mobile devices. It will be a new crypto currency ecosystem, more information, of this ecosystem soon.

    After reaching 1 000 000 KONA total supply (about three years) we start coin swap 1:1 to new digital currency.